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Transform Your Bad Day: 6 Ayurvedic Tips for Improving Your Mood and outlook

You got up from the bed and hurt your toe. Walked up to the sink and spill the paste. Went to the kitchen and your breakfast burnt! The day is passing but nothing is going right. Your mood is already spoilt and your day continues to cuss!

But it does not have to be this way. 

Who said the morning shows the day? It’s you who decides how you want to see the day!

So, don’t let the whirlwind of bad luck continue to drag you down. Break the cycle by doing something spontaneous that can spruce up your mood instantly.

Here are some research-backed ideas to turn your bad day good! (Yes, it’s so common that researchers have put their time, effort and money to study this).

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6 ways to turn your bad day good!

1. Breaking Bad

To stop the cycle, you need to break your routine. The last thing you need in a bad mood is mundanity. Gazing at an excel sheet or chopping some dead sticks. Take a break, go for a walk or a drive, exercise and unwind your routine.  Doing something different helps to break the mental bubble of stress.

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2. Catch a Nap

When everything goes wrong, turn right and take a nap! That’s breaking bad. A short nap is the best tonic. So, why not take a nap; or even better a coffee nap. Naps boost your cognitive functioning, relaxes your brain and resets your system. This small act can record a positive mental avalanche can improve your outlook for the rest of the day.

3. Talk Gratitude

Even if your day is in a mess, some positive words of gratitude can turn it around. Think of all the good things, see the larger picture, be grateful for everything you have and see your perspective change. Even the simple fact that you are alive is a reason enough to be grateful! For better results start writing a gratitude diary. 

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4. Say the Swear 

Research shows that swearing can relieve stress and pain. So, its ok to say the $**# words once in a while and feel better. An article in Forbes quoted that swearing increases pain tolerance and heart rate while decreasing perceived pain.

5. Take a shower

Taking a shower not just cleanses your body, but it also destresses your mind and stimulates your creative thinking. So, rather than sulking how bad your day is, go and grab a quick shower. 

6. Yellow Mellow

Have you ever wondered why the smileys are yellow in colour? Because yellow is the colour of a happy mood. Even a study from BMC Medical Research Methodology concurs to this idea.  Yellow is the colour of sunshine, positivity, hope and everything glee! So, when the mood goes sour turn your home décor yellow!

7. Win small

When the big things go for a toss, try to win small first. Make your bed, clear the clutter, take a bath and strike through the small tasks in your to-do list first. This one feeling of accomplishment can set your bad day right!

A few more tips that you probably already know – 

  • Meditate
  • Practice Pranayama
  • Call a friend
  • Read a book
  • Soak in sunshine
  • Make music or love
  • Dance it out

Of course, if there is something that’s bothering you then address it and sort it out! It’s not worth stressing over.

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Turn your bad day good!

Researches have proved that you can scientifically turn a bad day into a good day. So, try these simple tips and don’t let the day guide you, rather take the reigns and guide your day!

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