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This website is for general awareness, educative and information purposes only. The information on the site can be treated as a reference but shall not be treated as a prescription. Also, users can post their queries or other requests on comments or messages. However, the doctor reserves the right to answer or not to answer any of these. 

Home Remedies: The home remedies shared on the site are based on the therapeutic usage of culinary herbs. These have worked for generations, but we cannot guarantee their efficacy or safety for every individual. As Ayurveda states, every individual is unique and each of them responds to things differently. So, we advise that these home remedies shall be practised at the user’s sole discretion.

Ayurvedic Treatments: The Ayurvedic treatments, medicines or information shared on the website are for information and awareness purposes only. By no means it shall be treated as a substitute for a physician’s diagnosis and treatment. Though Ayurvedic medicines are safe and do not usually cause side effects, yet it is best to administer them only after consulting an Ayurvedic physician.

Case Studies: The case studies shared on the siteare based on real experiences from Dr. Brahmanand’s clinical experience. However, the name and other details of the patient might have been changed to maintain doctor-patient confidentiality.

Products: Any products mentioned on the website are recommended or used by the doctor for treating patients. The website does not promote or endorse products that are not proven for its efficacy. 

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