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Living with HIV patients

Shree is one of my regular patients who often visited my clinic seeking medicines for her health issues. In the past years, I have been on h...


I can honestly say that after living with hay fever or allergic rhinitis, for 6 years I am truly appreciative of the treatment given Dr. Brahmanand. Now, I live a life where I can smell, taste my food better, have more restful nights where I can breathe through my nose and not through my mouth.
Deepak, 24 years
IT Professional
I was saved in time before my condition could become irreversible due to Liver Cirrhosis. I owe my gratitude to Dr. Brahmanand who put me on to a series of Ayurvedic treatment along with a counselling programme with support group namely, Alcoholics Anonymous. I successfully stopped drinking and today I enjoy a comfortable life and never think of drinking and spoiling my life and my family life.
Murugappan, 47 years
I acquired the ringworm from a kitten I rescued. It spread so much all over my body and caused immense discomfort. I am so grateful to Dr. Brahmanand who gave me the right medication. Within a month’s time, the ringworms disappeared and my skin was restored, saving so much embarrassment. Thank you, sir, very much.
Swati Shetty, 27 years
IT Professional

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