Dr. Brahmanand Nayak

Life came to a stand-still when my doctor broke the news about my Tubercular lymph adenitis. I had no other option than to initiate my Anti Tubercular Treatment (ATT). This worsened my condition and as a result I was bedridden. At that point in time, I was suggested to consult with Dr.Brahmanand who recommended treatment with Ayurveda. Thankfully it worked for me, because of which I could conveniently forget those bitter times with Tuberculosis and subsequent disorders associated with treatment.

Nazeema, a home maker residing in Bangalore.  

I am very passionate about travelling and meeting people. I’m also a trekking enthusiast and I love nature so much that I go to Himalaya for trekking every year. I developed cough four years ago which did not subside naturally. Upon examination, I was told that my condition was Asthma by a chest specialist. With my worsening condition and not so helpful treatment, my allopathic physician referred me to Dr.Brahmanand. He listened to me very patiently and based on my symptoms and physical examination, he concluded my condition to be Allergic Bronchitis. It’s a different disorder in contrast with Asthma. My treatment went on for three months even though I experienced relief and positive change within two weeks of consultations. Apart from the Ayurveda medicines, I was also taught to practice Pranayama and related breathing exercises. Every aspect of Doctor’s recommendation had some positive impact over my health. I’m glad to have met Dr. Brahmanand, it has been three years I’m completely healthy and free from Persistent Cough. There is no way I could thank Dr. Brahmanand enough.

Niriksha Prahalad, 40 Yrs old Marketing Professional

My story is about the surgical wound caused due to cesarean section. I gave birth to my son in 2009 and as indicated in advance. The surgery was successful. However, my surgical wound in the lower abdomen region did not heal immediately. Using various antibiotics as per the standard recommendation couldn’t help me at all. In fact, those medications caused several health issues to my son since I was also breast feeding him. I was forced to go for dressing literally for sixty days which had no real relief. My gynecologist referred me to another hospital which further aggravated my condition. That was when I was advised to consult with Dr.Brahmanand, an expert in Ayurvedic Medicine. His treatment regimen included Ayurvedic oil and oral tablets. Along with that medication, I was advised about proactive and cautious sitting postures. He also trained me to assist myself with dressing process which helped me a lot. It only took three weeks for me to experience complete healing of the wound.  I could confidently re-join my work and normally perform all my routine activities. It’s now been three years that I’m in California and I’m still in contact with Dr.Brahmanand for healthcare related suggestions. 

Poornima Shekhar, a software engineer. 

I was getting ready for a maiden visit to the US for an onsite assignment. The news was really an exciting one for everyone in the family. On the same day, my dad complained about severe pain at the tip of his penis. We consulted a urologist and the medication did not have any effect. He suggested an urgent surgery. I was in a dilemma. My friends suggested that I should go the US. My family members were very tensed. Just days before I could fly, a friend suggested that I consult with Dr. Brahmanand. I agreed to take my dad to him after much hesitation.
The first thing the doctor did was to give us a lot of confidence that this can be handled. He examined my dad thoroughly and also interacted with my mother. He then declared that this condition was called as Candida Balanitis. A fungal infection of the penile foreskin. He recommended a medicinal oil for external use and prescribed some internal medicine for my father. And ruled out surgery. None of us in the consultation room felt awkward about the situation. He counselled all of us and asked me to go ahead with my travel and assured his care to my father. I can never forget that moment. I will always be grateful to him.

Bharath Shetty, An IT professional. 

Seven years ago, my wife was diagnosed with Cervical (Uterine) Cancer for which she underwent surgery, chemo and radiation therapies as per the recommended standards. The nature of disease and treatment kept me away from any sexual contact with my wife for two years. I continued to remain disinterested even after the completion of therapy. Incidentally, I got adventurous with a professional escort during one of my visits to a resort. After three weeks, I noticed blisters on my penis followed by burning sensation, fever and tiredness. I visited a nearby hospital along with my son where I was initially treated for the symptomatic relief. During further consultations, my condition was established to be Genital Herpes. My treatment included few anti-viral tablets and a cream. The physician rang the alarm bell saying that that the blisters would continue to re-occur and there is no permanent solution.
The real trouble began when my family was briefed by the physician about my condition. He was pretty candid in letting them know about the causative reason which was nothing but an outside sexual contact. Such a revelation had made my family look down upon me and subsequently I was treated like a criminal. My life literally collapsed with no credibility and self-esteem. I took a break from work and remained in a state of denial and depression. That’s when one of my daughters encouraged me to consult with Dr. Brahmanand which turned out to be a life changing experience.
He understood my condition with a positive and sympathetic approach. He reassured me and motivated me to remain strong from within. His approach to treatment gave me a new sense of purpose, energy and inspiration. I was treated for depression for one year and was on immunity booster therapy for two years. Switching over to Ayurveda had a significant impact with no episode of Genital Herpes recurrence for over six years.
I now live in Hyderabad, leading a guilt free and dignified life with my son and grandchildren. I’m still continuing with immunity boosters. Dr. Brahmanand is very approachable and provides e-mail consultation without changing any additional fee.
Thank you Dr.Brahmanand for changing my life!

Lakshmi narayana, A retired bureaucrat.

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