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Faith in Healing: The Surprising Connection Between Belief in God and Faster Recovery

Religion, Faith and Belief are all very personal choices. Some inherit them from their ancestors. And some believe in science and not in God. However, science has a new verdict. It says Believing in God helps in healing!

Doctors and scientists are urging patients to have faith in God. They want their patients to use the power of praying for healing. And they have a reason for this.

When science bowed before God!

After several cases of miraculous cures, faith stared at the face of science. For decades, scientists tested the power of faith and belief. And many clinical studies showed a powerful role of spirituality in healing

Scientists found a link between prayers and spirituality to mental health. But recent studies proved that they are beneficial for physical healing too. Moreover, chronic, painful and deadly diseases can be cured by strong belief.

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Research speaks – Believing in God helps in healing

An American Cancer Society study linked spiritual beliefs to health benefits. Patients with higher levels of spiritual belief reported of better healing. 

Further, Researchers at the Mayo Clinic concluded spirituality brings better health outcomes. It also linked religious involvements to greater longevity and better quality of life.

The study revealed that spirituality improves coping skills. This further in tackling anxiety, depression and suicidal tendencies.

Clinical studies also established that faith has a strong association with mental health. Spirituality teaches compassion, forgiveness and gratefulness. These emotions lead to content, hope and optimism. 

Yet another study, reinforced this fact. Mental and physical health are intricately intertwined. Physical health is an indirect manifestation of one’s spirituality and religious belief. 

These studies establish that spirituality should be an area of intense focus.

However, the medical research community should delve deeper into this area. This can open miraculous doors to the method of healing by positive psychology.

Understanding the power of faith

Call him the universe or the God, the ultimate power or divine light.

The faith in a higher power often brings hope in dismay. Submission to God lightens the burden and helps in dealing with situations.

The uncertainties or the things beyond control often creates a nervous tension. In such situations, keeping faith in a higher self helps in coping better. 

Ayurveda’s equation with the power of faith

Ayurveda is the most ancient science of medicine. The 5000-year-old wisdom on wellness holds high regards for the role of spirituality.

Ayurveda believes that healing begins from within.

The body is a powerful being. It can heal, cure, and restore itself given the right tools. Proper nutrition, right routine and positive attitude manifest into a healthy body. Faith heals the body in mysterious ways.

5 ways How Believing in God helps in healing

1. Fights stress

Having faith in God brings calm in the storm. It helps one to see through the adversities.

A patient may often feel scared and disheartened. Especially when they are battling chronic and severe sickness.

But keeping faith in God assures that everything will fall in place. Stress under control ensures sound sleep and healthy routine.

2. Tackles depression

Many patients fighting chronic and painful diseases fight depression.

Having faith in God gives hope and strength. It gives hope that everything will fall back in place. No matter how dark or gloomy the present situation is.

Researches have proved that prayers ease depression. 

3. Lower blood pressure

Blood pressure is often spiked by stress and anxiety.

Stress also disrupts the diet and exercise routine. Praying to God brings stress under control. Thus, it keeps the blood pressure regulated.

4. Promotes healing

Faith in God is a positive emotion. It calms the mind. Inhibits the release of cortisol and other hormones.

Having faith in God plays a role in strengthening the inner shield and promoting healing.

5. Panic Disorders

Faith, spirituality and prayers help in easing panic disorders.

That’s why it is so important to teach faith to young kids. They are sensitive to a multitude of emotions. Trying to understand the different layers of their a person’s attitude.

Faith makes them resilient to stressful situations. It helps them handle situations better. Thus, reducing their intensity and frequency of panic attacks.

Yes! Believing in God helps in healing

Having faith in God gives one the strength to sail through storms.

For that fact, believing in some supreme power also brings the same benefits.

Faith plays a crucial role in especially in the healing process of patients. Holding faith in something supreme releases the stress. It builds a belief of well-being which compliments the process of healing. 

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