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Best Biscuits for diabetics

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder that needs to be managed with care.

Eating right, following a healthy lifestyle, regular exercising, proper resting and keeping a check on the blood sugar levels from time to time becomes very crucial when it comes to managing diabetes. Though many people think that diabetics need to be on a very restrictive diet that has no options for good foods, it is not the truth.

With the increasing incidence of diabetes across the country, today there are many healthy, nutritive and tasty food options available that are specially developed for people with diabetes. Diabetic biscuits are just one of them!

Diabetic Biscuits – All you need to know

When it comes to a diabetic diet, maintaining a low glycemic index is very important. The glycemic index depends on the carbohydrate content of the foods. Thus, choosing foods low in carbs is crucial in diabetes.

The usual biscuits that are available in the stores are high in starch, carbs and sugar. Hence, they are not recommended for diabetic patients. Diabetic biscuits are specifically designed with rich fibre like oatmeal, millet, nuts and low carbohydrate flours. They are free of sugar and other artificial sweeteners.

Such diabetic biscuits are an easy snack option and can help in satiating hunger and cravings without causing havoc on blood sugar levels. 

Here are 3 best diabetic biscuits that you may try: 

Millet Cookies

Millets are exceptionally beneficial for diabetics. Rich in fibre and healthy nutrients, this grain has a very low glycemic index. Millets are less processed and nutritionally richer. Studies have shown that millets help manage and maintain blood sugar levels. They reduce cholesterol, are great options for weight loss, encourage proper digestion, and help control and reduce diabetes. The soluble fibre in millets improves digestion, delays hunger pangs and reduces overeating. Millets also help in reducing cholesterol and obesity.

Diabliss Millet cookies are one popular choice of diabetic biscuits. These crunchy biscuits are enriched with moringa leaf and chia seeds that provide additional health benefits to diabetics and prediabetics.

Multi-grain Sugar-Free cookies

Another excellent option for diabetics is the multi-grain sugar-free cookies. Multigrain cookies have the goodness of ragi, oats, wheat flour, soya and bajra. These diabetic cookies have no cholesterol, zero trans-fat, are rich in fibre and can help maintain sugar levels. These cookies also contain the goodness of fenugreek which is a good source of protein and amino acids. The benefits of fenugreek seeds for diabetics are well-proven.

Oats and almond cookies

Oats cookies are a great dietary option for diabetics that are not only beneficial but also very delicious. The oats biscuits are high in fibre and protein. The goodness of fibrous oats and high-protein almonds can help in maintaining your blood sugar levels while satiating your hunger and keeping you fuller. These cookies are free of trans fats.

Sugar-free biscuits

Sugar-free biscuits are ideal for diabetics and pre-diabetics. They are low in carbs and fats which help in maintaining good heart health, regulating blood glucose, and managing weight. Sugar-free biscuits contain stevia which is a plant-based sweetening agent. It can help diabetics enjoy the sweetness without sending their blood sugar levels off track.

Tips to Avoid Less Healthy Snacks

The choice of snacks is very important when it comes to maintaining your blood sugar levels. Binging on unhealthy snacks which are mostly made of refined wheat can cause blood sugar spikes and even result in health complications associated with diabetes. So, here are a few natural and healthy snacking options that diabetics must keep handy.

  • Add more fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans and pulses to your diet.
  • Sprouts and chickpeas are not only great snacks but also super healthy for diabetics.
  • Herbal teas and green tea can give you an excellent dose of antioxidants.

Your Takeaway!

Biscuits are an easy snack option that can come to the rescue in all kinds of emergencies. Many people start their day with biscuits and tea or snack some with their afternoon tea. Biscuits and cookies are the perfect matches to go with beverages like tea, coffee and even milk. They also help satiate hunger and soothe taste buds. Earlier diabetics were recommended against having biscuits because most of them are made of refined wheat flour and contain sugar or added sweeteners, both of which can negatively affect blood sugar levels.

People with diabetes, prediabetes or those who are looking for healthy options in biscuits can pair these biscuits with their herbal lemon tea, ginger tea or green tea. The herbal teas can also help in controlling blood sugar levels. Also, it is important to consume these biscuits only within the recommended limit, as I always say, moderation is the key to good health!

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