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Tea in skincare. Discover the T-secret!Beauty Tips by an Ayurvedic doctor

In the times of heavy cosmetics and artificial beauty, see the magic of Tea in skincare. Read on to know the Verdict of an Ayurvedic doctor!!

Pollution, dirt, sunburn and chemicals are making all crumble to skin trouble. Some are dreading the dull and dry skin while others are wailing over the acne and spots. 

Expensive treatments smother the skin and heavy cosmetics takes away its charm. Hence, the wise are turning to the age-old remedies for skincare that gives a natural glow without any side effects.

One such kitchen secret that sits right at the centre of the shelf is tea.

Tea works wonders on the skin. It is one superstar for natural skincare. Be it a power punch of hydration or the blessing of glowing skin, tea is the simple solution. 

Tea in skincare – The new known secret!

Of late, tea has been making its way from our cups to the beauty serums. White, black, red and green, the beauty industry is drooling overall flavours of tea! It is no hidden treasure that Green Tea is hailed for its beauty benefits. Rich in antioxidants and brimmed with anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties, green tea has made it to the top shelves of beauty products.

However, it is the recent hype about the other types of teas that catching up a new trend. Researches proved that all kinds of teas are beneficial for the skin. This is owing to the fact that teas—-Green, black, white or red, all kinds of teas roots back to the same tea plant: Camellia sinensis. The difference in the teas is because of the way they are processed. 

Green Tea for skincare

The tea leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant are harvested. Green tea is obtained from fresh-plucked leaves that are steamed but not fermented. This prevents too much oxidation that turns the green leaves brown.

This variety is loaded with polyphenol. An antioxidant which works amazingly well in shielding the skin from sun damage, wrinkles, and ageing. 

Its super potent antioxidant reduces inflammation. It maintains healthy skin cells. Helps protect against sun damage.

Green tea also protects the skin against cancer, both when sipped and applied topically. 

It is ideal for people with sensitive skin or for those who spent a lot of times in the outdoors fighting the sun, dust, dirt and pollution!

Black Tea for skincare

Black tea is the most popular tea in the west. It comes from the Camellia sinensis assamica plant. 

The leaves are oxidized fully before processing. They are then dried, crushed and fermented. This gives it a dark brown colour.

The tannins in black tea protect the skin against environmental damage and bacteria. It hydrates and nourishes the skin. Also rich in caffeine, black tea is excellent for plumps, de-puffs, and firm skin. 

It is a perfect solution for those with oily skin as it gently absorbs the excess sebum thus protecting it from the onset of acne.

White Tea for skincare

White tea is the purest of all teas. It is the youngest leaves off of the plant, rare and pure. It contains the highest level of antioxidants of all teas.

White tea undergoes the least amount of processing; hence it retains the highest amount of anti-oxidants. 

The flavonoids in white teas are body chargers. White tea also offers antibacterial protection. Its rich content of antioxidants prevents the skin from the harmful effects of toxins and free radicals. It is the perfect solution to fight dullness, spots, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

White tea helps to slow the skin-ageing process. It prevents collagen and elastin breakdown. 

Red Tea for skincare

Red Tea is also known as Rooibos Tea. It refers to a unique variety of tea made from the dried leaves of the rooibos bush.

Red tea has been used for thousands of years in South Africa to address a variety of skin conditions. The rich composition of flavonoids in red tea fights harmful microbes and pathogens. It works wonders in protecting the skin against eczema and acne flare-ups.

It is also a natural solution to fight the signs of ageing. Red tea neutralizes free radicals and slows the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

A glance at the top 10 benefits of tea for the skin

Soothes Sunburn

Brightens skin complexion

Reduces puffy eyes

Minimizes Dark Under-eyes circles

Wards off the smelly odours

Tones and moisturizes the skin

A potent skin cleanser

Soothes minor cuts and bruises

Fights skin tan

Protects against pollution

How to use tea for skincare?

Of course, drinking it is one way. But here are a few more skincare hacks that can give you the party glow instantly.

Dip a tea bag in hot water. Let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove the tea bag and let the solution cool down for about 30 minutes. The toner is ready. Pour it in a bottle and use it before stepping out!

You can also rub off the used tea bag on your face gently and let it dry for some time. This helps in reducing redness, brightening the complexion, and treating acne. Teabags can also be used as a steamer or face pack blended in honey!

Tea – the skin saviour

Tea in its natural form is the best way to nourish and detoxify the skin from the toxins. With its rich content of antioxidants and multifarious benefits, it is definitely one item that deserves a place in your top shelf. However, stay away from the artificial products that bear the tag of tea rather go for the natural raw form and treat your skin with the goodness abound! 

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