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Benefits and drawbacks of hair straightening

Hair is an accessory that crowns the beauty. As such the desire to style this crown is natural.  One of the trendiest hair styles is hair straightening and many girls ask me if its good or bad. So, in this blog I will help you weigh the Pros and Cons of hair straightening.

Well, using hair styling tools is not a new trend. Ancient beauties used natural steamers and hair curlers to set their hair. Today, hair straighteners are a rage among the ladies.

No waves, no fizz, smooth and shiny, hair straightening gives a complete makeover to those struggling with unruly curls. It makes hair management less time consuming and easy. But many are scared to use these styling products as there is a downside too. 

Often young aspiring girls visit my clinic seeking my suggestion if these hair straightening treatments are good for them. Mothers of young girls worry about hair loss, early greying and all kinds of hair problems.

So, what’s the real deal? 

Should you or should you not go for a hair straightening?

Well, that’s your personal choice and I cannot tell you what to do. But I can help you see the pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision. Check out the pros and cons of hair straightening. 

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Pros of Hair straightening

The look factor: The first and foremost benefit of hair straightening is definitely the look factor. Straight sleek hair gives a clean, glamorous look. It is easy to manage and maintain.

The benefits: Hair straightening helps to get rid of the fizziness. It makes the shafts smooth and bring back the lustre and shine in your hair. Straightening is an easy solution to tame frizzy, curly hair.

Easy management: Shaping hair into a hairdo is easier and takes less time. Straight hair is easy to detangle.  

Treatment: In many hair straightening treatments, hair is not only straightened but treated, regenerated, protected.This makes the hair smooth, silky and obedient.

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Cons of Hair Straightening

The new Look: Straight sleek hair might reduce the volume of hair. So, it’s not necessary that straightening will suit your face type. But there is no going back if you opt for permanent straightening, at least not for a few months. 

The after look:The roots grow out in their natural texture. That means the new hair will be wavy/curly on top and straight hair at the bottom. This look is not liked by many. 

It’s expensive: Hair Straightening treatment is often expensive if you go for good quality services. The maintenance cost is also higher for treated hair. To continue the look, you might need to repeat the procedure at a regular interval, that’s a recurring cost.

It’s problematic: Hair thinning is a common problem with hair straightening treatment. Some also complain of hair fall and permanent hair loss. It might also cause split ends and breakage after a year of treatment. Straightening can cause dryness as it robs the natural moisture of your hair.

Chemical burden: If the products used are not good for the hair then it might strip away the natural oils present in the hair. The chemicals might tear and break the natural hair.

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Ayurvedic Doctor says what not to do!

Well, whether to go for hair straightening or not is your choice. But one thing you should always avoid doing is using the hair straightener regularly. Many young girls buy the straighteners and use it frequently, almost every day to set their hair straight. 

It’s an easy alternative than going for expensive salon treatments. But this is the most damaging habit. Using the straightener regularly means robbing your hair off the moisture every day. 

This will soon turn your hair dry, dull, brittle and fuzzy. 

Regular hair straightening also results in hair loss and deteriorates the quality of your hair. So, going for frequent hair straightening is a bad idea. You can rather try simple home remedies to get straight hair.

My verdict: Hair straightening

Hair straightening has its pros and cons. I have met patients who reported no hair fall even after 9 years of hair straightening. And then I have met those who told me about the new hair sprouts that tangles with straightened hair. 

You should be aware of the various straightening methods that come with its package of advantages and disadvantages. So, before making the big decision, do some research on the method that will work best for you.

Most of the permanent hair straightening techniques involve the use of chemicals and heat. While some treatments last for a few days, others can last for years. Certain treatments are not harmful while some just rob the moisture of the hair. 

So, do your research on the different types of treatment options available. And opt for the best option that suits your requirements.

My words of advice

Chemical treatments and hair products can cause irreversible hair damage. It’s always better to look for natural alternatives. Curly, wavy or straight every type has its beauty. So, going for hair straightening should never be a way to boost self-esteem. Every girl, every woman is beautiful in their own light. 

However, if you feel like experimenting then you should weigh the pros and cons properly.

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Arathi Hiremath July 23, 2020 at 10:11 am

My daughter is considering this advice seriously.

Arathi Hiremath July 23, 2020 at 10:11 am

My daughter is considering this advice seriously.

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