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Sip Smart: Understanding the Link Between Wine and Weight Gain- How a Glass of Wine Affects Your Waistline

What’s the thing between wine and weight gain? Some say it can cause weight gain. While some claim that wine can actually help weight loss!! Find out the truth between wine and weight gain connection.

Fragments of research articles baffle all about the reality of wine and weight loss.

But what is the truth?

Well, the truth is wine is not free of calories. 

But occasional and controlled consumption of wine does not make a big difference.

So, you can reach out to your glass of red wine once in a while. But remember, only once in a while!

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Does wine help weight loss?

There is a lot of buzz that crown wine is a magical potion for weight loss. 

I would like to stop you right there. 

Because most of these studies published are done on animals. 

Also, many studies have quoted that wine might help in weight loss. The International Journal of Obesity states that resveratrol in wine can help in weight loss. 

Resveratrol is a polyphenol present in red wine. This is thought to be the element that causes weight loss.

But there is a flip side too!!!

These researches consider just one element in the composition of wine.

Wine contains calories too. Plus, it increases the yearning for food and impairs healthy decision-making capacity. 

All these factors result in more harm than good. When the wine is consumed frequently and in high amounts, it can cause weight gain!

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Wine and weight gain – the truth unveiled

1. Wine contains empty calories!

Wine is an alcoholic beverage. And One gram of alcohol contains 7 calories.  The more you drink the more calories you consume! Plus, it does not have any other nutrient content. Thus, it is often referred to as ‘empty calorie’.

Two glasses of red wine totals about 250 calories. This means two glasses of red wine already met the calorie needs for the day. Hence any extra calories will be stored as fat. 

2. A sluggish metabolism 

Wine can weigh down the metabolism. And slow metabolism leads to weight gain. Research says that alcohol particularly decreases fat burn in the belly. This explains the concern over ’wine and waistline.

Also, alcohol tends to have negative effects on diabetic patients. It first causes a drop in sugar level followed by a sudden spike. These fluctuations in blood sugar levels can be harmful to diabetic patients.

3. Wine – A poison!

Alcohol is identified as a toxic substance by the body. Hence, it cannot be stored in the body. The body will prioritize wine digestion over other foods.

This slams the breakdown of protein, carb, and fats. Thus, these nutrients end up stored then used as fuel.

4. The Yearn for food

Wine, like any other alcoholic beverage, can increase the yearning for food. It is proven to cloud judgments and make impulsive unhealthy choices. Pairing a glass of wine with cheese and pizza is the main culprit for weight gain.

5. Spoilt sleep 

High consumption of wine can impair sleep quality and quantity. It causes dehydration, slows down metabolism. All of these result in sluggishness. 

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6 Weight loss tips for Wine drinkers

  1. A long-distance relationship with wine! Don’t do it often.
  2. Cut your consumption. Go from three glasses to two.
  3. Reduce your pour. It’s a smart way of reducing calorie intake.
  4. Ditch your complimentary snacks for a healthy alternative.
  5. Alcohol can cause dehydration. So, keep some water at hand. 
  6. Go back to some form of exercise to burn the load.

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Wine consumption in moderation does not cause a drastic weight gain. The trick is simple, if the calorie consumed is equal to the calorie burnt then the weight will remain constant.

That means the other things you are doing for weight loss won’t show results.

Also, if calorie consumed is greater than calorie burnt then the weighing machine might lean to the right!

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