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Boost Your Child’s Immune System and Cognitive Development with Swarna Prashana: An Ayurvedic Perspective

Swarna Prashana is the ancient Ayurvedic oral vaccine that helped children fight deadly diseases centuries before modern vaccine made its way. It is a unique therapeutic method that builds long-lasting health, immunity, and intellect without causing any harmful side effects.

The word ‘Swarna Prashana’ comes from two Sanskrit words – ‘Swarna’ and ‘Prashana’. Swarna translates to gold and ‘Prashana’ means eating or ingesting. Swarna Prashana is the classical way of vaccination that not only strengthens the child’s immunity while supporting physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. 

The origin of Swarna Prashana traces back to the Vedic age. Several scripts including Manusmriti, Kashyapa Samhita, and Vridha Jeevaka Tantra have mentioned the benefits of ingesting gold. It’s an old tradition in India that has been followed for ages.

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Swarna Bhasma

According to Ayurveda, when Swarna is converted into Swarna bhasma it acts as a therapeutic agent. Gold improves complexion, vigor, and detoxification. Further, it has the ability to treat Vishamajwara, Aantra jwara and weakness. Swarna bhasma is an excellent immune booster.

Research reveals that Swarna bhasma possesses anti-oxidants, anti-depressants and anti-cancerous properties. It also exhibits antibacterial, immune-modulatory, and anti-rheumatoid properties. Swarna acts as a nervine stimulant which is very beneficial for children in growing age from birth till the age of 16. 

Moreover, studies confirmed that gold accelerates brain growth and improves grasping capacity.  It also a great aid for strengthening digestion and improving complexion. 

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The ingredients of Swarna Prashana

Gold – Pure gold has preventive and curative qualities and is recommended in fatal disorders.  Gold nanoparticles possess antibacterial, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, it supports immunity, development, digestive fire, memory, intelligence, growth, and strength in the child. 

Honey – Honey in low doses in childhood, helps develop resistance to allergens. Also, Ayurveda says that honey acts as the best vehicle for the medicine to reach the target organ in the human body.

Ghee – Cow’s ghee helps in immune-stimulating activities. It has memory-enhancing activity and promotes the healing of wounds. When you mix honey and ghee in equal amount, the anti-oxidizing activities doubles up. It helps increase the immunity of the infant to act on pathogens, cancer cells, and inflammatory agents. 

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Swarna Prashana in Jatakarma Samskara

Jatakarma Samskara is an ancient procedure in neonatal care. The Vaidyas, in ancient times, gave Swarna Bhasma to the little one after birth. They processed the Swarna bhasma in pure honey and ghee enriched with herbal brain tonics. The ceremony of Jatakarma Samskara was done a while after birth.

Sushruta, Vagbhata, and other Acharyas mention gold-licking as an immune booster immediately after birth. According to Sushruta, in the first 4 days after delivery, the secretion of breast milk is inadequate. Swarna Prashana can provide support to the infant with preventive and curative benefits. Many scholars wrote about the multidimensional benefits of Swarna Prashana in children. They call Swarna Prashana a gift of Ayurveda for a healthy childhood.

A child can take Swarna Prashana any time from the time of birth up to the age of 16 years.  Ayurveda says the earlier it’s administered the better. It is very helpful in building immunity and intelligence.  The best time to administer Swarna Prashana is in the morning on empty stomach. 

Swarna Prashana Samskara for immunity 

Swarna Prashana Samskara is an ancient oral immunity enhancer. Administering a small amount of gold in the form of bhasma along with honey and ghee has many benefits. It modulates immunity, enhances intellectual performance, and improves the quality of life. Further, it is a time-tested recipe and has no adverse effects that have a good physical, mental and social impact.  

The gold particles in Swarna Prashana induce non-specific immunity by activating both cellular and humoral immunity. This non-specific immunity helps in defending against pathogens and inflammatory substances that develop in our system. Also, the non-toxicity of gold nanoparticles makes it the next-gen vaccine.

Swarna Prashana for cognitive abilities 

A study examined the nootropic activities of Swarna Prashana on learning and memory. It is found to be effective in improving memory, mood, and behavior. It also showed a significant decrease in brain degrading activities that results in Alzheimer’s. Swarna is very helpful for special children with autism, learning difficulties, attention deficit, hyperactivity, or delayed milestone. 

In addition, Gold nanoparticles are effective in treating and diagnosing neurodegenerative diseases. Research shows that this is a potential platform technology for developing many other kinds of therapies. Swarna bhasma can dissolve the abnormal protein clumps linked with Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative illnesses. 

Efficacy of Swarna Prashana in recurrent cough in children

Studies also found that Swarna amrita Prashana is effective in curing recurrent cough. A study observed 30 children between the age of 3 to 8 suffering from recurrent cough. They gave 1 ml of Swarnamrita Prashana in the early morning on an empty stomach for a period of 30 days. 

This study found that Swarnamrita prashana provided a 43.83% reduction in the duration of bouts of cough. It also showed a 69.22% reduction in sleep disturbance, 66.70% reduction of inflammation of the pharynx, 50% reduction in inflammation of the tonsils, and 65.21% reduction in dyspnea. Thus, the study concluded that Swarnamrita prashana is an effective medicine for treating cough. 

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Efficacy of Swarna Prashana in enuresis

Shayyamutra (enuresis) is the most common psychosomatic disorder in growing children. Along with other medhya and balya medicines, it can be very effective in treating Shayyamutra. Research shows that 7% of male and 3% of female children suffer from nocturnal enuresis. 

A clinical study examined 40 children among the age group 6-16 years suffering from Shayyamutra. The study concluded the significant effect of Swarna Prashana in reducing all signs and symptoms of nocturnal enuresis. Therefore, it makes an excellent natural remedy for bed wetting in children.

Gold in arthritis

Studies further reveal that gold is an effective medicine for controlling arthritis and its associated symptoms. It can help relieve joint pain and stiffness, reduce swelling and bone damage. Gold can also reduce the chance of joint deformity and disability. Hence, it can prevent the degeneration that often comes with ageing.

Swarna Prashana in Modern Science – Nanotechnology 

Ayurveda’s breakthrough findings on gold are now researched by modern science. Today, scientists are increasining using gold in nanotechnology. Be its diagnosis or treatment, gold can be the potential weapon for cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and other fatal diseases. Immuno-therapists are also harnessing the special properties of gold nanoparticles to boost the body’s immune system. The gold nanoparticles interact with the white blood cells and can help deliver drugs where it’s needed most.

Researchers are now probing the efficacy of gold nanoparticles in combating HIV and blood diseases. Gold acts as a broad spectrum immune-modulator without causing any adverse effects. Contemporary medical science is probing to understand the mechanism of its action on immunity modulation and intellectual function. Future studies are sure to establish the role of gold in preventive and curative therapies. 


Ayurveda states that gold must be used orally only when it is correctly processed and decontaminated. If gold is not decontaminated properly then it may result in life-threatening conditions. Also, indefinite use of gold in terms of dose and duration will result in adverse effects, especially in children. When gold is administered in children, even the slightest negligence can result in adverse effects. Hence, it is very important to admisiter Swarna Bhasma only wiht caution!

Safety and Efficacy of swarna bhasma

Numerous studies have concluded that Swarna Prashana did not interfere with the normal growth of infants. Ingestion of gold with herbs, honey, and ghee showed immunomodulatory effects.  Swarna Prashana is well tolerated by infants with no adverse effects. 

Gold in other cultures

In China, gold is seen as an ‘immortal substance’ and associates with longevity and vitality. Chinese medicine also uses gold in treating skin conditions. It is helpful in treating skin ulcers, smallpox sores, measles. Swarna bhasma can also help detoxicate the body, relieve Inflammation, cure typhoid fever.

In India, Ayurveda uses Gold Bhasma in the preparation of several medicines. It helps the body to maintain an alkaline state. Gold bhasma also aids in absorbing calcium, cleansing vital organs, and maintaining stronger bones. Further, it can help alleviate insomnia and depression and protect the body from free radical damage.

In Egypt, golden teeth are commonly found in mummies. Gold has low toxicity, malleability, and resistance to corrosion. These properties made gold the perfect material. Egyptians also used gold for internal medicine to purify their bodies. 

Swarna Prashana – An Ancient tradition and a modern weapon

The history of medicinal use of gold has spanned through centuries and continents. This ancient Ayurvedic immunization technique with no adverse effects provides a good life with physical, mental, and social health. Several studies validated the efficacy of Swarna Prashana as an immunization program. Further scientific studies on the use of gold bhasma as a modern oral immunizer can establish the use of gold in health care.  

In conclusion, Swarna Prashana is an excellent guard for your overall health. Modern researchers need to conduct more researches on this subject to understand its full potential. This ancient oral vaccine can be the solution to many modern problems.

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