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Buttermilk for weight loss – A complete guide

Buttermilk is an excellent hydrating summer drink that provides relief from the scorching heat. It’s an excellent detox drink, a perfect complement to your meals, and a great digestion booster. But do you know, this tangy spicy drink is also very effective in maintaining cholesterol, blood pressure and heart health. And that’s not it. Many people are revving buttermilk for weight loss! 

Buttermilk is a famous Indian summer drink repleted with many health benefits. But of all the benefits, it’s the ability to aid weight loss that has made it a favourite. Its potent ingredients like Curd, Rock salt, Ginger, mint, Jeera works great for the digestive system and they can aid in weight loss too.

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Ingredients of buttermilk

The benefits of curd are well-documented in scientific records. People who eat curd before or after their meals lose more weight than people who don’t. That’s because the calcium in yoghurt prevents fat cells in the body from pumping more cortisol. By the way, if you don’t know, cortisol, the stress hormone, is responsible for cholesterol, hypertension and obesity!

Cumin is another important amazing ingredient that is known to help in weight loss. It helps in cleansing out the toxins which automatically aids in weight loss and makes you look and feel much healthier. Buttermilk also helps in enhancing saliva secretion and relieves digestive ailments. 

Furthermore, the ginger in buttermilk contains chromium, magnesium, and zinc. It is medicine in itself. Ginger helps in preventing chills, fever, and excessive sweat. Moreover, it acts as an antihistamine and can help in treating allergies.  Ginger also aids in weight loss. From boosting metabolism to stimulating circulation to eliminating toxins, it works effectively in weight loss.

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Benefits of buttermilk

Check out some of the popular benefits of buttermilk

  • Improves your immunity.
  • Boosts your digestion.
  • Maintains cholesterol.
  • Regulates blood pressure.
  • Promotes Bone growth.
  • Enhances your skin.
  • Helps managing diabetes.

You can use spices like coriander, green chilies, curry leaves etc. while blending it. Drinking this delicious drink can combat dehydration and fatigue and is also a potent source of probiotics. Considered a digestive, buttermilk has several health benefits, and here are the reasons why it should be included in your daily diet in summers.

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5 reasons to use Buttermilk for Weight Loss

Compared to all other dairy products, buttermilk has the lowest fat content. That means you get the goodness of calcium and proteins minus the fats and calories. Also, buttermilk is suitable for those with lactose intolerance. 

So, you can add this amazing drink to your diet and enjoy the following benefits – 

1. It has got High Nutritional Value

Buttermilk is made by whipping yogurt and removing its fat content. So, this hydrating drink is super low in fats and calories and rich in proteins and enzymes. It is also rich in calcium, potassium, vitamins, and other minerals. Drinking a glass of buttermilk not only satiates your hunger but also pumps up your energies.

The high protein content of buttermilk further helps in weight loss by firing up the metabolism. A faster metabolism helps in burning more calories. Also, proteins reduce our appetite and curb unhealthy cravings.

2. It boosts your digestive power

Buttermilk is rich in good bacteria that promote a healthy gastrointestinal tract. The lactic acid bacteria in buttermilk contribute to better digestive health that eases constipation and stomach disorders. 

Further, this hydrating drink helps in the secretion of hormones that aids in enhancing digestion. Buttermilk is a simple remedy in treating acidity, heartburn, gas, bloating and constipation. 

3. It detoxifies your digestive system

Buttermilk contains vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, which can help improve metabolism. Riboflavin that supports liver function. This is a vital organ in the process of regulating toxins and detoxifying the body. Further, riboflavin supports the body in making uric acid, a strong antioxidant. 

One cup of buttermilk contains 377 micrograms of riboflavin, nearly one-third of the body’s daily requirement. Further, buttermilk improves your hydration which further helps in digestion. And dehydration is one of the top reasons for obesity.

4. Keeps your full for longer

Buttermilk is rich in healthy spices that keep you full and satiated for longer, making the weight loss process easier. Also, drinking buttermilk instead of high-calorie drinks help you slim down your waistline.

A full glass of buttermilk can keep you satiated and hydrated for the whole day.

5. Buttermilk strengthens your bones

Buttermilk is rich in phosphorus and calcium; both of these nutrients are essential for healthy bones. Regular consumption of buttermilk also helps in preventing bone loss and osteoporosis. This is very helpful for women during pregnancy and menopause!

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How to make buttermilk at home?

The delicious Indian low-fat buttermilk is one of the most popular hydrating summer coolants. It’s not only tasty but also healthy and super easy to prepare. 

Buttermilk is a simple and healthy drink that you can easily make at home. All you need is some fresh curd, cumin seeds, mint, coriander, black salt, ginger, pepper, green chilies, chaat masala.


  • ½ cup curd
  • ½ cup water
  • Pink Himalayan Rock Salt 
  • ¾ glass water
  • 1 green chilli
  • Ginger
  • 1/4 tsp roasted jeera powder
  • 5 to 6 fresh mint leaves.

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How to prepare buttermilk at home?

  • Mix all the ingredients without water.
  • Beat it to make a smooth paste.
  • Add water and give one more whisk.
  • Sprinkle roasted jeera powder and garnish it with coriander.
  • Top it with ice cubes for that cooling effect.

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The best time to drink buttermilk

Unlike yoghurt, you can drink buttermilk any time of the day. But drinking it in the morning or after lunch keeps you satiated for long and aids in keeping down your hunger pangs thus further supporting weight loss.

Buttermilk in the morning

Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water and wait for 10 minutes. Next gulp down a glass of buttermilk. This will help in preventing fat formation from your breakfast meal. It also helps in keeping all your gastrointestinal worries away. People suffering from digestive problems should drink buttermilk early in the morning on an empty stomach.

Buttermilk between breakfast and lunch

The window between breakfast and lunch often urges for some binging. You can have a glass of chilled and seasoned buttermilk for instant energy and satiation. It also improves digestion and increases metabolic activities. Buttermilk as a mid-day snack makes you feel full, keeps cravings away, and helps in weight loss.

Buttermilk in The Evening

You can switch your snacks with a plate of fruits and a glass of buttermilk. This will help you in shedding the extra kilos effortlessly. If you are planning to go for a heavy dinner then drink a glass of buttermilk in the evening to prepare your digestive system. 

Buttermilk Dinner

Keep your dinner light and simple and follow your meal with a glass of buttermilk. This will cleanse your toxins and clear your stomach. It can further enhance the quality of your sleep and keep your digestive troubles at bay!

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The famous Buttermilk Diet

You can either replace one of the three meals with 500 ml of buttermilk or go on a complete buttermilk diet. Replacing one meal with buttermilk increases protein intake and accelerates muscle building. It also keeps you full for a long time. On the other hand, the intake of carbohydrates is limited. 

However, there is a stricter form of buttermilk diet too; where you only drink buttermilk. This does result in faster weight loss but is not recommended for the yo-yo effect. The carbohydrate, calorie, fat, and mineral intake are too low. And these nutrients are also essential for the healthy functioning of all organs. Moreover, this is a crash diet and is difficult to maintain in the long run.

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Why is buttermilk better than curd?

Buttermilk is a mix of curd, water and spices, and yet it is more beneficial than curd. It is free of fat which makes it better for weight watchers, diabetics and heart patients. Buttermilk is a good source of vitamin B complex, potassium and protein. And it’s much easier to digest than regular curd. It is also one of the best sources of calcium for people with lactose intolerance. 

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Thus, we can safely say that buttermilk is an excellent supplement for weight loss. It’s rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and water, and low in calories and fats. Further, it has many added benefits which make this super tasty drink a must-have in your diet!

This traditional drink is also great at healing damaged skin, curing insomnia,  and battling dehydration!

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