Nocturnal Enuresis | Ayurvedic treatment for Bedwetting

Dr. Brahmanand Nayak

Wet bed sheets and pajamas are a familiar scene in many homes. Children below the age of 7 often do bedwetting. This habit does not indicate any serious condition and it is part of a child’s normal development. It is important to be patient and understanding. So, in this blog, I will be revealing simple and easy tips on Ayurvedic treatment for bedwetting.

 What Is Enuresis?

Enuresis is the term used to describe bed-wetting. Bed-wetting at night is common among children. It is a type of elimination disorder, where daytime wetting is called diurnal enuresis. Some children experience either or a combination of both. Children do not exhibit this trait as a sign of rebellion. It is an involuntary action and hence it is important to understand the child with this condition. More often than not, this goes undiagnosed until the child becomes 5 years of age or older. 

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What Causes Enuresis?

There can be many factors involved in enuresis which is involuntary or non-intentional. The causes are identified as: 

  • A small bladder: The child’s bladder could be small and unable to hold urine during the night. 
  • Inability to realize full bladder: When the nerves that control the bladder are slow to mature, proper signaling may not happen to wake up the child who could be in a deep sleep.
  • A hormone imbalance: Some kids may not produce enough Anti-Diuretic Hormone (ADH) to slow nighttime urine production.
  • Stress: Growing up to become a big brother or sister, starting to go to school, sleeping in a new place, or being away from home could trigger this condition.  
  • Urinary tract infection: This can make controlling urination difficult. 
  • Sleep apnea: It is a condition where the child’s breathing gets affected during sleep, due to enlarged tonsils.
  • Diabetes: It could be the first sign of diabetes. 
  • Chronic constipation: Lack of regular bowel movements cause the bladder to be full and holding the urine could become an issue, resulting in bed-wetting. 
  • Neurological Disorder: It is very rare that a child may develop a neurological disorder. 

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Symptoms of Enuresis

The common symptoms of enuresis include:

  • Repeated bed-wetting
  • Wetting in the clothes
  • Wetting at least twice a week for approximately three months

Bed-wetting is involuntary urination while asleep. It is advisable to consult a doctor if the child continues the habit after the age of 7. Or if the habit occurs after a period of dry nights. If the urination becomes painful, if it is pink it is important to meet a doctor. 

Did you know?

Enuresis is a common childhood problem and most children outgrow this problem by the time they become teens, with only about 1% of males and less than 1% of females having the disorder at age 18.

Ayurvedic treatment for bedwetting | Shayya muthrata 

Ayurveda suggests a few basic ayurvedic home remedies to cure enuresis also known nocturnal enuresis like: 

  • Eat one or two pieces of DRY DATES to cure nocturnal enuresis every day. 
  • Add a spoonful of powder crushed from Jamun seeds with cold water and drink it two times a day to treat this condition. 

Home remedies you can try: 

  • Limit how much your child drinks in the evening.
  • Avoid beverages and foods with caffeine in the evening. 
  • Encourage urination before bed. 
  • Encourage regular toilet use throughout the day. 
  • Treat constipation. 

A word of advice:

Children do not wet bed intentionally. Don’t embarrass them or get angry with them. Support them and find out if the child gets enough sleep, empties the bladder and has proper bowel movements.  

Testimonial:Ayurvedic treatment for bedwetting.

Divya – 35 years – Mother of a 5-year-old girl Diya

My daughter is 5 years old. She had a bedwetting problem right from the age of 4. In the beginning, I did not take it seriously. When it became frequent I started to scold her not realizing how wrong that was! My husband’s friend suggested that we consult a doctor. We consulted with Dr. Brahmanand Nayak and learnt about his condition. In my child’s case, she had anxiety about the school. The doctor treated her very well. Now she has come out of this problem completely.

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