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Ayurvedic Post-Natal Care: A Guide to Good Health for New Mothers

Giving birth to a new life is the most magical thing. But the taxing process of giving birth takes a toll on the new mother. Birthing, breastfeeding and all other things make motherhood a difficult phase. That’s why, I bring you this blog on Ayurvedic Post Natal Care.

Whether you opt for normal delivery or a C-section, you will become no less of a mother for choosing one over the other. The whole process of pregnancy takes a toll on your body.

After all, the uterus grows to hold a human. Organs get displaced, the whole system focuses on nurturing the new cell forming. The body constantly strives to adjust to these changing phases of pregnancy.

But most people don’t realize that this process is so difficult. One has to walk through pain and blood to bring the little one to this world. So, whether you have a cut or not, Post Natal Care is important.

Nurturing the baby with a drained body can be exhausting. So, Ayurveda recommends a disciplined routine, healing diet and proper rest for healthy and happy birthing. 

Ayurveda considers the time of birth and the days after as the most sacred time. The ancient science describes post partam phase as the time when women deserves rest, self-care, and love. 

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The prior preparation

Many people don’t realize that pregnancy and childbirth may not be as natural as it seems. There are still many pages of this manual that are not known to many.

Do you know there are different types of nipples and you might need some help for proper breastfeeding? Have you ever checked if you have inverted or flat nipple?

We never talk, discuss or check all these things, until reality rubs it in our face. So, the preparation for breastfeeding and many such things should start months before the baby arrives. Ayurveda advocates a holistic approach to support pregnancy and childbirth.

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The first fourteen days 

The first fourteen days after childbirth is the most crucial time and it commands complete rest. Different women encounter different problems during the phase of childbirth.

Some get back pain, some bleed, some get swollen feet, some feel nauseated and some encounter the many complications of a spinal tap. So, the first fourteen days don’t let your hair down!!!

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Ayurvedic Post Natal Care: The forty-two-day guide

The first forty-two days are meant for the mother to heal and understand the needs of the little one. It is time to rest and let the body rejuvenate. Caring the baby can be exhausting and constant work, so, it’s important to call for help.

Reach out to a family member or hire a good aya to take care of everything while you concentrate on healing and nurturing. In many cases, the pregnant woman prefers her mother’s home throughout pregnancy and a few months after delivery to get proper care, pamper and nourishment. Because no one cares as a mother does!

Herbs and other traditional concoctions are helpful in fastening the process of healing, compensating for the loss of blood and strengthening the bones and muscles. According to Ayurveda, the key to postpartum care is focusing on calm the vata. 

Tips for Ayurvedic Post Natal Care

1. Oil Massage

Nothing soothes a sore body like a hot warm massage. The new mother is scared and wounded and her body screams for this pamper and care. Give her a deep nurturing Ayurvedic oil massage to calm her senses, relieve her strained body, relax her mind and ease her pain. Traditionally, a midwife is appointed to take care of the massage while the other ladies in the family take care of the diet and nutrition requirements.

2. Diet

Diet is the main thing that aids in proper and quick healing. The digestion is still weak and the vata is aggravated. So eating anything spicy or hard to digest can cause indigestion, bloating and other complications. Here are some of the things that a new mother must include in her diet :

  • Panchakola ghee – Ghee infused with 5 herbs, pippali, pippali mula, ginger, black pepper, and chitraka. This increases immunity and helps in healing. This is the first thing you should consume after childbirth.
  • Moong dal Khichdi or Moong daal soup: It gives strength to the body and improves lactation for the child.
  • Rice and milk are good options for the first few days.
  • Root vegetables
  • Green vegetables
  • Boiled chicken can be added to the diet only after 5-7 days as per doctor’s advice.

3. Healing Herbs

Nothing heals better than the herbs, but it’s important to check with the doctor before administering these herbs to the patient. Ayurveda highly regards the role of following herbs in postpartum care – 

  • Fenugreek seeds – Soaked fenugreek seeds helps in calming Vata and improving lactation.
  • Turmeric and Ginger support healing.
  • Cumin, Coriander, Funnel are great digestive aids.

The final checklist

  1. Oil Massages 
  2. A warm water bathe
  3. Urinate every 5 hours
  4. Drink 4 litres of water
  5. Chose to Breastfeed 
  6. Focus on the food
  7. Avoid sex, exercise and stress
  8. Take proper rest.
  9. Enjoy the joyous moments of motherhood!

PC. Alex Pasarelu, Romania

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Dr. Brahmanand Nayak August 17, 2019 at 7:17 am

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