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Ayurvedic Doctor Recommended Indian Baby Foods: Discover the Best Nutritional Choices for Your Little One with Ayurveda

Ancient grand parents fed their super-healthy baby some surprising super foods. Discover the ancient treasures of Best Indian Baby Foods with this Ayurvedic doctor.

What’s best for the baby? Does not a mother know by instincts?

To your surprise the answer is ‘NO’.

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Motherhood is a big responsibility that the new mother strives to understand. So, we should not pressurize the mothers with such thoughts.

The baby must feed only on mother’s milk for the first six months”. Everyone knows this!

But no one tells you what to do after six months!

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Babies grow really first. By the time they are about six months, mother’s milk won’t be enough to curb their hunger.

So, what are the best options to feed the infant? Should you introduce powdered milk or cow milk? Dal Rice or chapati bhaji?

Well, I will tell you all.

The infant is now all grown to lean towards your plate. He might even fetch his tiny hand. But it is important to note that the baby is still too young to eat and digest things.

So, before you reach out to pick the most extravagant baby foods with all the healthy stickers just remember there is nothing that can replace a rich platter of nature.

The baby foods available in the market may contain preservatives or sugar. They may even contain a mix of several items that might not go down well with the baby. Opting for homemade baby food is the best way to nourish the baby. 

After all, when it’s about the baby always follow your granny!

9 Best Indian Baby Foods for Infants

Introducing baby food to the little infant can be very tricky. Their digestive system is not yet strong and hence it is very crucial to introduce food that is super light to digest.

Also, it should be well meshed and juiced because anything even as big as a pomegranate seed can choke the baby.

It is highly advised to consult your Ayurvedic physician before starting offering your baby all the good food!

You can definitely take a cue from the pro. This is what your ancestors fed their super strong and healthy babies – 

1.Best Indian Baby Foods: Fruit Purees

Natural, nutritious and easy to digest, what’s better than a fruit puree? You can boil a few slices of the apple and then mesh it well to make a smooth puree. Banana, Papaya, mango mash are other super meals for your little one. Don’t forget to keep a tab on the poo to know that the food is suiting their tummy! 

2. Best Indian Baby Foods: Vegetable Soups

Once the baby is seven months you can slowly introduce carrots, pumpkins, drumsticks and bottle gourd to the plate. You can also try making clear soup with all the veggies and then strain the fibre. Don’t introduce cabbage, cauliflower or such veggies that might upset the little tummy!

3. Best Indian Baby Foods: Moong Dal

 Rich in nutrients and super easy to digest, moong dal is mother’s favourite. Just boil some dal with a pinch of salt and let the infant relish the savoury. You can also add veggies to the boil dal.

4. Best Indian Baby Foods: Khichdi

 By eight months the baby is ready for a full meal. Add rice, moong dal and a variety of veggies like potato, carrot, beans, palak, beat, peas etc. to the cooker. Boil it well. You may make it into a paste or mash it well with hands to ensure there are no lumps. It is a full power pack of nutrition. Add lemon or ghee for a delicious flavour and serve it warm.

5. Best Indian Baby Foods: Chapati

Roti, chapati or porridge is another nutritious addition to the diet. Dip the tiny pieces of the chapati in milk and jaggery and the seven-month enjoy a scrumptious breakfast. 

6. Best Indian Baby Foods: Eggs

By the time the baby reaches 9 months of age, you can introduce a well-boiled egg to the little one. Do not give half-boiled or half fried egg as it may disturb the digestion.

7. Best Indian Baby Foods: Cow milk

Don’t introduce cow milk till the baby is one as it might be hard to digest. After the baby turns one you can slowly introduce cow milk to the diet. 

8. Best Indian Baby Foods: Yoghurt

Once the baby is adjusted to milk, you can introduce yoghurt to the diet. It’s a great probiotic. Just make sure don’t serve it cold straight from the freeze.

9.Best Indian Baby Foods: Dalia Khichdi

Another super healthy meal is Dalia or broken wheat. Boil or fry all the veggies in a pan. Roast the Dalia, till it turns brown. Add the veggies, add some water. Let it cook. After about 15-20 minutes add a pinch of salt and the super nutritious Dalia is ready!

To DO’s and Not to Do’s

  • Don’t be in a hurry to feed. Let them take their own sweet time!
  • Do not introduce biscuit, bread etc to the baby.
  • Do not introduce raw fruits or veggies to an infant.
  • Massage your baby for better digestion.
  • Keep checking the tongue.
  • Practice simple exercises to boost baby’s digestion.

Parenting can be overwhelming especially when everything about the child is so new. But with a little guidance and care, it can be done right! 

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