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Kajal : 5 Surprising Health and Beauty Benefits

Kajal, one of the utmost beauty essentials, has many health and beauty benefits.

The history of this popular beauty product dates back to 3000 B.C. Interestingly, back then it was not a mere beauty product but it was used as a form of protection against the harsh sun rays. 

People also believed that Kajal has several immunological and antibacterial properties that support eye health. That is one of the reasons probably why it is a common tradition in India to apply Kajal to toddlers.

The use of Kajal can be seen in ancient Indian, Asian, and European cultures. Women of that era used to make Kajal at home using camphor, vegetable oil, ghee, castor oil, and a bronze utensil. This natural homemade Kajal was pure and had many benefits for the eyes.

According to ancient Ayurvedic texts, Indians also used various medicated herbs in preparing their Kajal. These Kajals made with medicated herbs could help treat different eye problems and prevent eye disorders.

Kajal lifts up your looks

Kajal is one of the must-have beauty items in every girl’s make-up box. This century-old make-up tool can instantly glam up your look by giving your eyes a bright and attractive look. Depending on the way in which you apply the Kajal it can give you an intense, smokey, or pretty look.

Health and Beauty Benefits of Kajal

Organic homemade Kajal is very beneficial to the eyes. Ancient texts say that it can help in the treatment of many eye disorders like refractive errors, watery eyes, computer vision syndrome, dry eyes, strained eyes, itchiness of the eyes, cataracts, conjunctivitis, blurred vision, and more. Applying Kajal to the eyes overnight can help heal your eyes. It also improves blood circulation and relaxes your eyes better.

Kajal is rich in Vitamin E

Organic kajal made from pure castor oil is proven to be very healthy for the eyes. Pure castor oil is a rich source of Vitamin E. It helps in healing your eyes and makes your eyelashes thicker and blacker. But most importantly, several research has shown that Vitamin E can help improve vision.

Kajal has anti-bacterial properties

It is a popular belief that kajal can ward off an evil eye. Scientific evidence suggests that Kajal has anti-bacterial properties because of its copper content in it. Copper is considered a purifier and has amazing healing properties. The antibacterial property of copper helps keep the eyes free from infections. 

Kajal can help relax irritated eyes

Organic Kajal that is free of chemicals can help in healing allergies of the eyes. The minerals and herbal concoctions in the Kajal can help in relaxing the irritated and swollen blood vessels of the eyes. Studies also say that Kajal can improve the overall functioning of the eyes.

Kajal can cool your eyes

Kajal contains camphor as one of the main ingredients which cools the eyes and brings relief to sore and stressed eyes. It helps to get rid of the tiredness of the eyes and keeps the eyes healthy by healing minor eruptions in the eyes.

Kajal can cure your dark circles 

Kajal makes your eyes look bright and beautiful, but did you know that it can also help in lightening your dark circles? Organic or homemade Kajal contains ghee which is an excellent moisturizer for the eyes. It relaxes your eyelids, keeps them hydrated, and gently fades your dark circles. 


While organic Kajal is safe, beneficial, and time-tested, the commercial Kajal that is widely available in the market today may contain certain chemical products. Lead is one of the most extensively used chemicals in the manufacturing of commercial Kajal. Lead is very harmful to the eyes. It damages the eye muscles and affects eyesight. Therefore, it is very important to choose good quality organic Kajal that is free of harmful chemicals.

Your Takeaway

Organic Kajal prepared with all-natural products not only lifts your looks but also benefits your eyes. That’s why it has been a popular tradition in India. The castor oil in Kajal soothes your eyes, and the ghee and rose water help relieve strain and relaxes the eye muscles. It also keeps eye diseases at bay and helps improve your vision and sleep better.

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