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10 super amazing tips to fall asleep fast

Can’t sleep? Check out these super simple tips to fall asleep fast.

Counting the clock in the silence of the night is an unspoken disease that many suffers. Tossing and turning on the bed, worries looming in the darkness of the night, stress thundering in the heart, the long to-do list bothering you, dreams blazing the eyes and wilderness wandering in the empty mind, people often lay on the bed wide awake for hours trying hard to get a nap before the night gets over.

Struggling to fall asleep is an actual problem and is a common problem that often goes unaddressed. Especially the new-gen millennial who are obsessed with laziness and possessed by gadgets. 

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Sleeping late has become a trend and insomniac some cool tag! But little do these gullible souls realize that a little bargain with their sleep can turn out to be a costly deal.

Poor sleeping habits are the main cause of so many deadly diseases. From obesity to indigestion, depression to crankiness to cancer messy sleep can open a box of worms!

Many patients come to me some aware, some unaware about the importance of sleep and they ask me simple tips for faster sleep.

So, considering the gravity of the matter and the darkness clouding the topic, here I have assembled the simple tips to fall asleep fast!

10 Amazing tips to fall asleep fast

1. Destress with yoga

There is a common misconception that exercise and yoga can be done only in the morning. Of course, it is more beneficial if done in the morning but that does not mean that it won’t work at other times of the day. Practice simple yoga poses for better sleep any time of the day whenever you get the chance. 

2.  Practice Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation calms the nerves, switches off the noise cut the stress and helps one to fall asleep in a few seconds. Chanting om, mindful meditation, offering prayers or indulging in other therapeutic and meditative practices enhances sleep quality tremendously.

3. Camphor and coconut oil

Camphor added to coconut oil is an amazing sleep inducer. Pour a few drops of the blend on your pillow and enjoy undisturbed sleep instantly. The soothing smell of camphor relaxes the mind and induces quality sleep.

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4. Warm Bath

A warm bath at the end of the day enhances blood circulation, calms heartbeat, relaxes the tense muscles, destress the worn-out body and makes the body light and fresh that helps fall asleep fast. Adding a few drops of essential oil to the water makes it more effective.

5. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an amazing natural technique to enhance sleep and boost relaxation. It has amazing qualities including sleep-promoting, stress-relieving, pain-reducing and mood-regulating properties.

6. Eat light and eat right

Ayurveda recommends a light meal at the end of the day. Eating heavy spicy meals may irritate the stomach and cause indigestion and keep you awake all night, revolving around the toilet. So, eat right and eat light two hours before going to bed.

7. Abhyanga

Abyanga or massage enhances blood circulation and relaxation in the body. It opens the clogged channels, relieves the muscles and boosts sound sleep. Make a habit of practising soothing massage, if not the whole body then at least foot massage every day before sleep.

8. Massage Your Temples and Naval With Ghee

Ghee is cooling and calming and offers oleation. Massaging the temples and naval with ghee balances Vata by countering it’s dry properties and alleviates Pitta because it’s cool and sweet property.

9. Exercise

Indulging in some form of exercise makes the body tired and helps in falling asleep fast. Even a 30-minute walk or 15-minute intense work out can make a world of difference.

10. Pranayama

Pranayama or breathing is the best tool to fight anxiety, stress and insomnia. Practice it daily.

A few more tips just for you!

Set the temperature right. If you struggle between the blanket and fan, then make sure to adjust the temperature right before hitting the bed.

Set your schedule. Our body is used for routines and discipline. So, set a time and make sure to hop on the bed at the same time every day. Also, don’t delay sleep if you are falling sleepy.

Adjust the lighting. Lights often make it difficult to fall asleep. Dim the lights of your room and don’t forget to pull the curtains close so that the street light can’t flash on your face.

Avoid caffeine in the second half of the day. Avoid taking Coffee or Tea during the second half of the day. Instead, try herbal teas for better sleep. 

Avoid naps during the day. Avoid bugging around the bed in the day.

Tune to relaxing music. Music is deeply relaxing and it helps in falling asleep fast.

Throw away the gadgets. Don’t literally throw them just put them away from your bed. Make it a mantra, not use your phone one hour before bed and one hour after waking up.

Reading books. This is one of the many things that successful people do. Start and end your day with a few pages of your favourite book.


Practice these simple practical tips and enjoy blissful sleep all night!

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