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Unlock the Secret of Cinnamon in Diabetes Management: An Ancient Trick for Modern Health

Have you heard about cinnamon in diabetes? Well, it’s not new! Ancient Ayurveda hails cinnamon as a potent medicine for diabetes.

Diabetes is a chronic ailment characterized by elevated levels of blood sugars.

And currently, diabetes is one of the most chronic epidemics in India.

With the number of cases rising every day, it is an alarming condition. Which if left unmanaged can unfurl a bag of troubles.

Heart problems. Kidney disorders. Nerve damage. Blindness. Diabetes can cause several complications.

But, modern medicine says there is no cure for diabetes. And its management involves suppressing the symptoms.

Also, these medicines may have side effects too.

Ayurveda says that the simple cinnamon can stop it all!

Ayurveda hails this common kitchen spice!

Cinnamon has the ability to lower blood sugar and help manage diabetes.

Indians have used this magic spice for thousands of years. They have used it in traditional medicines and food preservation for eons. 

The bark of Cinnamon trees is the source of Cinnamon. Remove the inner bark. And dry the outer part. To obtain cinnamon sticks or quills. It can then be processed in powder form.

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Nutritional Profile of Cinnamon

Cinnamon, the dried bark doesn’t contain many vitamins or minerals. But it contains large amounts of antioxidants.

Anti-oxidants impart a lot of benefits. From killing harmful free radicals to reducing oxidative stress. And oxidative stress is a cause of Type 2 diabetes!

Cinnamon in diabetes: How it works?

In diabetes, the pancreas fails to secrete enough insulin. And the cells fail to respond to the insulin.

Cinnamon can imitate the effects of insulin. It can also increase glucose transport in cells.

Cinnamon boosts insulin sensitivity in cells. Thus, helps in keeping the blood glucose level under control.

Also, depending on the size and content of meals, food consumption may spike blood sugar levels.

Such sudden fluctuations can increase the levels of oxidative stress. Hence, cause damage to the body’s cells. Cinnamon helps in controlling such sugar spikes after a meal.

Also, cinnamon is capable of lowering the risk of heart diseases. People with diabetes are highly susceptible to heart diseases. And cinnamon helps in curbing this risk.

Furthermore, Cinnamon helps in lowering bad cholesterol. It further boosts good cholesterol.

Research studies on Cinnamon in diabetes

Researchers conducted a study on the Antioxidant effects of cinnamon in obese people with impaired fasting glucose.

The study reported that soluble cinnamon compounds are very helpful. It could reduce risk factors of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Another study conducted on seven men showed that cinnamon consumption increased insulin sensitivity. And the effect lasted at least 12 hours. 

Cinnamon is also very effective for lowering the risk of heart diseases. Researchers conducted a review of type 2 diabetes patients taking cinnamon.

The study concluded that cinnamon can decrease bad cholesterol. It can control triglycerides and increase good cholesterol.

Consuming 1g of cinnamon per day can increase insulin sensitivity. It also helps in reversing type 2 diabetes. 

Several such studies have provided enough evidence for cinnamon in diabetes. This has crowned cinnamon as a natural aid in the management of diabetes.

Who should avoid cinnamon?

Cinnamon is a natural spice and is safe for most people.

However, it is advised that people with liver disease should avoid it. Also, those with a risk of liver damage shall avoid this humble spice.

Cinnamon contains a chemical called coumarin. If you consume it in large doses, you may cause liver damage. 

Cinnamon in diabetes: The current trend

Increasing awareness about the goodness of natural remedies is turning people towards their kitchen.

Since the last decade, an increasing number of people are using cinnamon for diabetes.

This is definitely one good impact of the highly publicized media articles.

It is spreading this incredible knowledge to common people’s notice. 

Himalaya Wellness introduced Tvak Tablets. It has cinnamon as the ingredient. It is advised for maintaining a healthy glucose level.

7 important tips for managing diabetics effectively.

  1. Stop smoking immediately.
  2. Add methi seeds in your diet.
  3. Go for a walk in the park.
  4. Eat Nutri-packed power foods.
  5. Add moringa to your diet.
  6. Focus on foods to control diabetes.
  7. Add Karela Jamun Juice to your diet.

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